RESTAURANT 10x ROI and 126 redemptions in first month!


  • Situation: Texas Roadhouse, a restaurant in Irving, Texas, wanted to drive customer traffic and brand awareness upon opening their new location, so they looked to Money Mailer as a direct marketing solution. 

  • Strategy: In order to create demand, the client placed exciting offers on the back of the ad, including a free appetizer with the purchase of 2 entrees, early dine specials and their “Wild West Wednesday” special. The owner chose to mail 20,000 homes near the restaurant.

  • Results: After their first mailing in October, the client received 126 coupon redemptions and had an increased average ticket size of $36.65.  At the end of the advertising campaign, Texas Roadhouse was able to analyze the results and found that the restaurant had received a 10x return on their investment.


150 coupon redemptions every mailing!

JIFFY LUBE Case Study:



Jiffy Lube of Turnersville, New Jersey had tried many different forms of advertising, including a similar vehicle to Money Mailer, but has never received a desirable return on investment.


The owner, Paul Lopresti, received a “Total Auto Care” certification from Jiffy Lube corporate, allowing him to expand his service offering to include tires and other maintenance services, in addition to oil changes. To build awareness in the community, he mailed a monthly ad that features all of the new services offered with a $10 Off oil change coupon to get customers in the door.


Two weeks after each mailing, the location consistently received a noticeable spike in car counts. The shop received approximately 150 redemptions every time the coupon was mailed, equaling double the ROI of similar advertising vehicles that had been used previously. The owner claims that it would be difficult to find another advertising solution that brings in the same amount of customers.


App successfully reaches millennials!


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Value Floors Kitchens & Baths, a home remodeling company out of Illinois, wanted to reach a wider demographic, including millennials, to build brand awareness and acquire new customers so they looked to Money Mailer as a direct marketing solution.


To attract customers through print and mobile, Value Floors Kitchens & Baths developed an ad promoting a limited time offer for 20% off of the customer’s entire purchase. On the back of the printed ad, the expansive advertising space was used to showcase a complete list of the business’ offerings for consumers to browse.


The owner tried many different types of advertising, including other direct mail vehicles, but never received a strong ROI until trying Money Mailer. He loved having his ad featured on the mobile app as well since it brought in a younger demographic, while the direct mail ad brought in an the older demographic. The client stated, “I would recommend Money Mailer in a heartbeat.”


Client advertises for 13 years!


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Quest Termite & Pest, a pest control company out of Pennsylvania, wanted to drive customer traffic and build brand awareness, so they looked to Money Mailer as a direct marketing solution.


To attract new customers, two strong offers were placed on the front of the ad. On the back of the ad, the expansive advertising space was used to explain the business’ services in further detail and also promote more savings.


As a result of having a consistently positive experience, Quest Termite & Pest has now been advertising with Money Mailer for 13 years. The owner says has remained a client due to how helpful Money Mailer has been in strategizing a successful marketing campaign, allowing him to focus on managing his business. Him and his wife shared that they would definitely recommend Money Mailer to other businesses.


Customers redeemed 987 coupons!


  •  Situation: A Chicago-based McDonald’s franchise wanted to drive customer traffic so they decided to compare the effectiveness of solo mail post cards with the shared mail program offered by Money Mailer. 

  • Strategy: The client mailed one Money Mailer zone for pennies-per-home while simultaneously mailing postcards. After just one mailing, the McDonald’s location secured 987 coupon redemptions from Money Mailer and 1081 coupons from the postcard campaign. 

  • Results: Although both mediums generated a similar number of responses, Money Mailer’s program delivered a 16x larger ROI compared to the postcard program, making it far more profitable. As a result, the campaign was expanded to 19 additional stores.